(this is a post I wrote about a tool called rssLike – it was published on the Structal blog: http://blog.structal.org/2010/06/activitystrea-ms-po-co-in-real-time-rsslike-is-a-wp-plug-in-for-mashing-up-buzz-facebook-twitter-and-rss/)

Hi, thanks for stopping by to learn more about @rssLike.

rssLike is a standards-based Like button that combines Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz together into a single button. It also publishes Likes from your Web site as a real-time activitystrea.ms/RSS feed.

rssLike is now available as a safe, easy-to-install WordPress plug-in (latest version is 0.2.3) download it from Github.

To use rssLike, first set a password (SSL encrypted) at rssLike.com, then copy the settings into your WordPress admin dashboard.

When you post, include the following string: [ rssLike ] (no spaces) and that will make the three-network Like button appear alongside your article.

rssLike Screen Shots

Like this post? Use rssLike (below) to like it! Thanks


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